Connect and protect critical infrastructure

Airwall Solutions are used to automatically network, conceal, secure, and manage critical infrastructure such as public works, oil and gas pipelines, electrical substations, ‘smart’ systems, and critical healthcare devices — from anywhere in the world.

This solution works with existing network investments, so there is no need to rip-and-replace equipment or for forklift upgrades. Have peace of mind by making network-based attacks a thing of the past — and lessen cost and complexity.



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Challenge: protecting critical infrastructure and enabling remote access to air-gapped networks, while staying NIST compliant

Critical infrastructure — from water treatment plants, electrical grids, and smart city applications to industrial control and traffic control systems — have vulnerabilities that pose enormous cyber risk and in turn, risks to communities. Traditionally, these networks have been physically managed and air-gapped. Managing and securing these networks and remote sites today is difficult, as new technologies are added to legacy systems.

Solution: easily and cost-effectively protect critical infrastructure and enable remote access to air-gapped networks

With Tempered’s Airwall Solution, you can extend secure connectivity across physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. Leverage wired, cellular, wi-fi, or satcom networks. Enable secure remote management of critical infrastructure while staying compliant. Eliminate network-based attacks, lower cost, and reduce complexity of effectively managing critical infrastructure for governments and IIoT applications.

Airwall Solution benefits

  • Isolate and segment SCADA from shared IT networks
  • Onboard and connect new remote sites faster using cellular
  • Eliminate costly radio communications
  • Achieve true zero-trust connectivity for critical infrastructure and remote sites
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Critical infrastructure reference architecture

critical infrastructure reference architecture