Secure Building Automation Systems (BAS) with Airwall

Secure networking and remote access for ‘Intelligent Buildings’

Airwall Solutions are used to automatically network, conceal, secure, and manage third-party systems that are either permanently or temporarily connected to a corporate network: HVAC systems, building automation, web services, vendor technicians, PoS systems, and even guest Wi-Fi services — from anywhere in the world.

Airwall works with existing network investments, so there is no need to rip-and-replace equipment or for forklift upgrades. Have peace of mind by making network-based attacks a thing of the past — and lessen cost and complexity.


Airwall case study - Penn State University

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Challenge: securely networking BAS environments

Effectively securing Building Automation Systems (BAS) environments is difficult with existing solutions. These environments contain legacy infrastructure which requires significant time and expertise to manage. Traditional solutions like firewalls, VPNs, ACLs, VLANs, etc. weren’t designed to securely network building environments. As a result, they remain vulnerable because they require remote access — for employees, contractors, or vendors — and are not sufficiently segmented.

Solution: easily segment visibility and access to BAS environments

Tempered’s Airwall Solution quickly and easily segments access for building environments. Drop it into any connected BAS environment, and connect, segment, and secure your building quickly and easily. With point-and-click simplicity, grant secure access for employees, contractors, or vendors to specific network segments.

Airwall Solution benefits

  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) at scale
  • Secure access for on-prem or remote with a Software-Defined Network (SDN)
  • Securely connect and segment legacy infrastructure
  • Automate and control third-party access
  • Eliminate truck rolls and time troubleshooting remote sites
Airwall Solution - Talk with an Expert

Customer success: Penn State University

Penn State University isolated its BAS from the corporate network and micro-segmented systems based on functionality. By deploying the Airwall Solution, PSU significantly reduced security risk while increasing availability of critical systems.

  • Isolated BAS from shared IT network
  • Eliminated or simplified edge firewall rules
  • Isolated and segmented vendor access
  • Limited downtime to broadcast storms

BAS reference architecture

Secure Building Automation Systems (BAS) with Airwall