Learn how to Leverage True Zero Trust

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Watch the Webinar: Myth vs Fact in Network Security Architectures

Default/allow architectures aren’t cutting it for zero trust. Allowance is trust. Default/deny architectures? That’s more like it. 

Join cybersecurity experts Jay Sawyer, Senior Security Architect at Tempered, and Holger Schulze, Founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders, for an on-demand webinar to sort through the myths and facts about zero trust solutions. Learn about: 

— The difference between zero trust and non-zero trust solutions

— How to easily adopt a true zero trust architecture

— Why default/allow is no longer the best option for cybersecurity

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“Myth 5: Zero trust architecture is only for large organizations. The fact that more than 61% of all data breaches affect small organizations and small businesses (shows) it's imperative that zero trust architecture be deployed in a smaller but still critical infrastructure.” 

—  Jay Sawyer, Senior Security Architect

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